Cigar Packaging Boxes

Cigars never get old. Aristocracy, style, and suaveness are associated with them. We know this. Therefore, we have made a wide range of Custom Cigar Boxes for you. We are the one-stop-shop for all Tobacco Packaging Solutions. Contact us for the most eye-grabbing Cigar Packaging with an optimum range of materials, printing, and finishing.



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Custom Cigar Boxes with Finest Designs

Cigar Boxes are available in premade shapes and designs. But why is presenting these boxes in customized styles and features? The answer is simple. Cigars have been the product of the elite for ages. If you compromise on the packaging of Cigar Packaging, then you are jeopardizing your whole product. Today is the era of presentation. People signify the products by their packaging. If the packaging is good, they grab it and feel an urge to use it. But if your packaging is ordinary, then there are chances that your commodity can remain behind on the shelves. Why be second when you can become the first choice of your customers. We make Custom Cigar Packaging Boxes for you with all the personalized hallmarks and traits because our whole experience revolves around Cigarette Packaging.

Let’s see what we can offer you when it comes to the Custom Printed Cigar Boxes’ wholesale solutions.

Visualization for Customized Cigar Packaging

When you contact us, we take you on board with us. We listen to you. We understand. We visualize what you think about your Custom Cigar Boxes. Then our experienced campaigners of the design department sit. They sit and work relentlessly in a seasoned way to provide you with the best packaging design. We unleash all the grace and refinement that you had in your mind.

Our procedures are very easy. We give you the freedom of unlimited mockups while creating the design. If you are not satisfied with one aspect, we try another uniqueness. We also cooperate with you Even when it comes to 3D mockups. We make things very easy for you. Every service from us becomes very effortless. It becomes ideally comfortable for you to make Customized Cigar Boxes.

Essentials of Materials

Before going further, you would have to watch for the right materials for your Custom Cigar Packaging. Usually, we offer three types of materials, i.e., Kraft, Cardboard, and rigid. Some people think that you cannot make Custom Cigar Boxes in Kraft. But it is wrong. You can have them because Kraft is available in highly dense quality. And finally, it all depends on the design. What type of design do you have? If the design demands Kraft, then we advise you to have it. If the cardboard would be better, we choose it.

But the basic and core material is chipboard. We can also describe it as hardboard or rigid material. We at The Cigarette make rigid boxes in handmade methodology. Rigid Cigarette Boxes are set up boxes. You cannot ship them flat. Once we make them, you have to ship them in constructed form. Rigid boxes are the best for cigars. Because they are hardest in their formation, hence, they can better preserve the cigars.

  • Printing with Prime Quality

Quality is our trademark. We care about the finishing at every point. Printing is the basic procedure for Cigar Boxes. You become stress-free while working with us. Because we complete all the procedures under one roof. So, we have different levels of manufacturing under our own control. We don’t let the reigns lose. Similarly, we are equipped with modern printing machines. So, we can give you the desired optimum results.

We use different types of print methodologies, i.e., the famous four colors of offset machines. These colors are known as CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) colors. So, we can give you the digital quality printing for your Customized Cigar Boxes. We work within a couple of shifts. Hence, once you approve the final design, the process of packaging begins. And we quickly print your boxes from the machines. Thus, you get the final shipment sooner than expected.

  • Inserts are Also There

Many times, cigars need inserts. High-end companies always use inserts for the better placement of their cigars. They preserve each cigar in a cellophane or grease paper. Hence, its aroma remains fresh. Then they go for inserts. We also make Custom Cigar Boxes with inserts. You can have them in cardboard, kraft materials, and foam. So, if you have a class product, you can equally have a standardized packaging for that.

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We give you full freedom of dimensions. If you have to store twenty-five cigars in one box, we make the boxes. And if there are fifty cigars, even then, we make Customized Cigar Packaging Boxes for them. And if you want any other type of unique sizing for your Custom Cigar Boxes Wholesale solutions, we can make that. It all depends on you. We are totally a personalized company of Cigar Packaging. It is not difficult for us to fulfill your requirements. We remain with you from design to the final delivery of the packaging products. As we have the optimum logistics support, so we have come up with a quick turnaround time. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call at (510) 5000-9533 and get amazing offers and deals on Customized Printed Cigar Boxes. Waiting for your call!