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Lift the Presentation for Boosting Sales by Custom E-Cigarette Boxes

It is a commonly used usually by men, so our company The Cigarette Boxes, in concern with the aesthetic sense of males working enthusiastically on E-Cigarette Boxes. They enhance the style of a person who is holding the E-Cigarette in a lucrative E-Cigarette Packaging. Our passion is to give boom by giving an executive look to the adults and your style to the youngsters once they hold the E-Cigarette Packaging Boxes....

Who on this earth is not aware of the E-Cigarette?

All are aware but are not fully informed about the various capacities of E-Cigarette Packaging. Our team is good at creating innovative Cardboard Cigarette Boxes which not only protect your cigarettes but their weird styles make them trendy. All the manufacturing of Custom E-Cigarette Boxes for the safe packaging of cigarettes involves the idea of green thinking, which renders it recyclable, biodegradable and 100 % guaranteed.

If you have taste of covering the whole box artistically, you can customized them by printing quotes on the Custom Window Cigarette Boxes. Plain and stylish window designs are created to add more charm to the boxes and as an outcome we assure you that people will run after you. Moreover, the packaging we offer will give a new-fangled energy to all your e cigarette flavor or cigars which will never diminish its image from the eyes of the customers.

Enrapture Consumers with Unique Color Scheme of E-Cigarette Boxes

In case you find any flaw, communicate to us freely. The boxes are manufactured in both plain and die cut window designs. Accuracy is assured while deciding the dimensions to avoid any exploitation. Therefore, our Custom Printed E-Cigarette Boxes and Custom Window Cigarette Boxes can serve dual purpose, safe packaging and gift packaging. You can present it to anyone just because of its luxurious look.
Windows are created using flexible transparent material. They are cut into attractive styles and patterns. Latest technology is imparted in our machinery and tools. The boxes are manufactured in various shapes, sizes and styles. The boxes for cigarettes are manufactured both in plain or die cut windows. All the images and background themes are designed creatively.

Green thinking policy, a promise from us

All the manufacturing is done with an eco-friendly approach and the boxes are full guaranteed and recyclable. They are not the additional burden on the environment but they save the earth from any filth.

How to pack your Custom Sleeve Cigarettes so they stand out from the rest?

Trays contain inserts, which hold the charger of e cigarettes in its place. Bright and appealing color schemes are used for the Custom Sleeve Cigarettes. Apart from all, you can also have add-on features to further adorn your boxes to make the smoking items more valuable in the market. Both plain and die cut window designed boxes for even the cigars are easily manufactured by our team. To custom Cigar Boxes, we always go for epic styling to remain in the eyes of the customers.

Engraving Company Name in Mind of Consumers

Experts at our company ‘The Cigarette Boxes’ have experienced of years in the packaging industry, so they can assist the BRAND owners in launching the cigarette products whether it be Cigar or E-cigarette, with a distinctive look. Captivating the people passing by the smoking products placed on the shelf in the shopping mall is the key to boost sales.
It is possible to distinguish your e-cigarette product line from your rivals and develop your sales with the aid of Cardboard Cigarette Boxes. For each flavor and each brand, we can customize packaging so special that individuals can help but be impressed. Gloss and matte finishing treatments are applied to bring a nice allure in the texture and the appearance is not less than any gold and silver foil as it is as a whole covered with shine. A 3D mock layout is shown to the clients, you can visit our library for mixing different existing ideas to create your own new idea for which we manage in all aspect and love to involve the taste of the client himself in manufacturing.

Contact for more details

For your satisfaction, have pure contact details to ask anything rising in your brain by sending us an email directly at You will receive your order within the due time of 8 to 10 business days. Any delay or damage is our responsibility against which we have some policies so we won’t let you down in the whole process of manufacturing. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to address the packaging concerns.
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