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Light Weight Paper Cigarette boxes with Custom Designs

The tobacco lovers and smokers are always interested to buy something special, different and unique. A company can't leverage tobacco product sales, unless trying different and unique concepts in the market, related to flavors and even the custom cigarette or tobacco boxes. So, that's why we are here! It's been years our brand The Cigarette Boxes is making different styles of boxes, structurally unique and composed of different materials.

One of the most top tending boxes are now made of paper Kraft, that is actually lightweight, but quite strong keep the product safe inside. Our ambition is to deliver modern and design-oriented paper cigarette packaging boxes that will not only provide a unique value to the cigarette BRAND, but also become signature for your company. ...

Durable and Lightweight

It's quite easy to carry the lightweight printed paper cigarette boxes and that's the most prime reason why the smokers and the smoke manufacturers are looking for the Blank Cigarette Boxes made by paper material. You can design the boxes in different styles, shapes and structures, making these looking unique and assigning a competitive advantage to your product packaging. The durability, on the other hand is directly related to the quality of the paper material used. You never need to worry about the durability of the product packaging, as we never compromise on standard of paper used to fabricate custom paper cigarette packaging boxes.

Right Style and Accurate Size Matters

The Right Styled and Accurate Size of paper boxes is quite important, as style gives your product appreciation while the size will make it capable to wrap a large number of products inside. So, we are targeting the twin factors and that's why, our company The Cigarette Boxes has marked excellence and success signatures in the market.

You can order any size and style, just send us the specifications to our designer team. We have practiced a number of color combinations, style ingredients and will recommend the best one for your paper cigarette packaging boxes. Let us create the design-oriented paper cigarette boxes and you will find every box is modernized, up to the mark and a symbol of class. That's how we do business and by selling top quality boxes, we have created a strong client network base.

Colorful Printed Paper Boxes for Cigarettes

We use permanent ink to print design elements, infographics and other stuff on the paper boxes. We have successfully created white, red, brown and other variants of colorful printed paper boxes for cigarettes that have helped brands to boost in the market. For us, color combination matters a lot so we ask the clients to send their requirements, if any. This also make us more responsible to design the boxes in logo colors, so your cigarette boxes are branded in the audience more proactively.

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To order Cigarette Boxes, feel free to contact us at (510) 500 9533 or send us e-mail at [email protected] and discuss your plans. We mostly request you to send your favorite designs, specifications and we create the boxes better than your imaginations. Enjoy discounts and deals in bulk order, as our wholesale paper cigarette packaging boxes are available at affordable price, with free shipping and hassle-free delivery.